HYPERDIVE®-Mixing and Aeration System

INVENT made a major contribution by introducing hyperboloid mixing and aeration technology to the water and wastewater treatment market in the 1990s.

HYPERDIVE Mixing and Aeration System INVENT

Product Information

The HYPERDIVE®-Mixing and Aeration System with submersible drive ensures the efficient supply of oxygen and optimum mixing during the biological stage of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

The benefits of these mechanical aeration systems include:

  • An almost high oxygen supply capacity as in pure water
  • Fine bubble aeration
  • No increase in pressure drop as for example with membrane aeration
  • No aerosol and noise generation
  • Quick and easy installation, even in filled basins
  • Avoiding sludge deposits
  • Agitation without aeration

Air passes through the supply air hose via the cage structure into an application-optimized outlet system. Dispersing tunnels and shear ribs on the underside of the agitator body break up the air bubbles that flow upwards there.

The three-dimensional main flow generated by the hyperboloid agitator transports the fine air bubbles radially outward during aeration operation and distributes them throughout the basin.
As a result, the activated sludge flocs are optimally supplied with oxygen and homogeneously distributed in the basin. The result is maximum oxygen transfer and yield.

Designation Value
Rated Capacity
1,1 – 4,0 kw
Efficiency Class
Propeller Diameter 2.000, 2.500 mm
Rotation Speed 24-39 upm
Propeller Material Glass Fiber Reinforcer Plastic
Foot Construction Stainless Steel
Total Weight 420 – 480 kg

Stigsnæs, Denmark

Plant: WWTP Stigsnæs, Denmark
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2016

  • Mixing and aeration for COD elimination

Scope of Delivery:

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Jebel Ali, UAE

Plant: WWTP Jebel Ali, UAE
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2009

  • Aeration in the sand trap
  • Stirring and homogenization in anoxic tanks
  • Stirring and aeration in pre-aeration and aeration tanks

Scope of Delivery:

Cheminova, Denmark

Plant: WWTP Cheminova, Denmark
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2016-2021

  • Stirring and aeration for BOD/COD elimination in aerobic tank
  • Aeration in activated sludge basins

Scope of Delivery:

Dingolfing, Germany

Plant: WWTP Develey Dingolfing, Germany
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2020

  • Mixing and aeration for BOD/COD elimination in aerobic tank

Scope of Delivery:

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    Floating HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System

    With the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System on a float INVENT makes its proven hyperboloid mixing and aeration technology available for the application in aerated lagoons for the very first time.

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    The wide range of INVENT products fulfills all process- and plant dependent requirements for biological wastewater treatment reliably and energy efficient.

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    Applications of the INVENT HYPERDIVE®-Mixing and Aeration System

    BOD or COD degradation

    Highly efficient supply of oxygen to the microorganisms for BOD and nitrogen elimination.

    The agitation and gassing system acts as a permanent aeration system for biological carbon degradation in aeration tanks. We can react flexibly to fluctuations in freight. The simultaneous circulation by the agitator ensures a homogeneous and deposit-free mixing even with low air supply in the activated sludge tank.

    Fakultative aeration

    In nitrification stages, the stirring and aeration system serves as a permanent aerator. If (seasonal) process changes in the activated sludge tank require a temporary changeover from nitrification to denitrification (swing zone), it is possible to run in pure agitation mode without aeration. A change between operation with ventilation and without ventilation is possible at any time.

    SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)

    In the SBR process, several cycles with different process phases are usually run through each day. Important boundary conditions for a well-functioning overall process include a rapid change between phases with oxygen supply and pure stirring operation, homogeneous mixing and flexible oxygen supply capacity with a wide working range.

    In addition to the above boundary conditions, the stirring and gassing system offers other advantages in the SBR process:

    In the case of strong seasonal freight fluctuations (food processing, tourism, etc.), a temporary shutdown is possible without any loss of quality of the components or functionality.
    Simple installation without complex installations in the tank – With the liftable variant, maintenance can be carried out without emptying the tank.

    Aerobic sludge stabilization

    Activated sludge with a high dry matter content forms a viscous, pseudoplastic medium. Due to the shear-thinning effect of the agitator in aeration mode, there is a significantly better oxygen supply to the agitator and aeration system compared to membrane aerators. In addition, problems such as clogging of membranes, pressure increases and material aging due to high temperatures in the agitation and aeration system no longer play a role.

    Pure oxygen aeration

    The gassing or oxygen supply in the process can be carried out using the stirring and gassing system with atmospheric oxygen or pure oxygen.

    Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    Highly efficient supply of oxygen to the microorganisms for BOD and nitrogen elimination Continuous cleaning of the membrane surface to limit the cover layer thickness.

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