iFILT®-Diamond Filter

Compact stainless steel filter offering maximum hydraulic performance.

INVENT iFILT Rautenfilter Fest-Flüssig-Trennung Edelstahl

Product Information

The iFILT®-Diamond Filter was developed especially for wastewater filtration downstream of the secondary clarifier and optimized with state-of-the-art fluid mechanical tools and CFD¹.

It is particularly energy-efficient, ensuring excellent removal of floating substances in the smallest possible space.

Its excellent hydraulic performance is based on the cross-flow filtration principle.

It is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and dispenses with a complex, large-scale sealed rotary feedthrough in the inlet area. This makes the iFILT®-Diamond Filter easy to install and low-maintenance.

During installation, it only requires a connection to the supply and discharge pipework and to the electrical supply. Done!

¹ Computational Fluid Dynamics

Number of Filter Wheels
1 – 16
Throughput [m³/h]
160 – 2.560
Weght [kg]850 – 6.000
Number of rotors per machine1 -2

Griesheim sur Souffel, France

Plant: WWTP Griesheim sur Souffel, France
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2019 | 2021


  • Mixing for equalization in homogenization tank
  • Mixing for storage in sludge tank
  • TSS removal downstream of the final sedimentation

Scope of Delivery:

Honouliuli, USA

Plant: WWTP Honouliuli, Ewa Beach, USA
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2018


  • TSS removal downstream of the final sedimentation

Scope of Delivery:

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    The wide range of INVENT products fulfills all process- and plant dependent requirements for biological wastewater treatment reliably and energy efficient.

    iFILT®-Diamond Filter

    Applications of the INVENT iFILT®-Diamond Filter

    Industrial wastewater treatment

    In industrial wastewater treatment, the iFILT®-Diamond Filter is used for the following applications, among others:

    • General reuse of industrial water
    • In the paper or textile industry
    • Rinsing water in the beverage industry
    • Water purification in fish farming
    • Irrigation in agriculture

    Microplastic removal from the effluent of the sewage treatment plant

    Environmental toxins such as microplastics are increasingly polluting our inland waters. With its three-dimensional stainless steel braid, the retention of microplastics from the wastewater can be guaranteed.

    Retention of sludge flakes

    Sludge flakes that can still be found in the outflow of the sewage treatment plant due to hydraulic overload of the secondary clarification tank or poor settling properties are safely retained by the iFILT®-Diamond Filter. To protect our waters from eutrophication!

    Water reuse

    The reliable retention of solids by the diamond filter and the associated improvement in water quality enable the economical operation of disinfection stages. This lays the foundation for efficient water reuse.

    Further wastewater treatment

    The further increase in water quality and the associated requirement for further removal of trace substances and phosphorus are increasingly coming into focus. The iFILT®-Diamond Filter is a central process step of additional processing steps due to the retention of precipitant flakes and powdered activated carbon.

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