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Mixing technology

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INVENT mixing technology

Innovative Mixers

Water and wastewater treatment plants are mostly developed and designed with a focus on the specific project. Depending on the initial situation and the treatment objectives, various process engineering steps are combined to reliably achieve the process engineering objective. Here, the engineer draws from a range of established standard processes. A key component of the palette of steps and processes is mixing and agitation.

Our products

Introducing INVENT’s mixing technology

HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer evolution 7

HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer evolution 7 is the latest revised, revolutionized version of the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer.

Products and team

INVENT’s offers a wide range of reliable, energy-efficient products to complete the requirements for water and wastewater treatment.

Applications and Products

INVENT offers mixing technology for a wide variety of applications and processes. Below, INVENT lists an array of applications and associated advantageous products. The selected products are recommended based on specific product properties and many years of operational experience.

Denitrification and phosphate reduction
Nutrient elimination in circulation tanks
Sludge digestion
Sludge storage
Trace substance elimination
Suspension in packed bed processes
Drinking water storage

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