Efficient homogenization and recirculation in sludge digesters to maximize gas yield.

Product Information

To guarantee an optimum process control in sludge digesters, INVENT developed the CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixer. It combines a fluid mechanically optimized agitator design, rugged construction for the highest requirements and many years of expertise in explosion protection (ATEX).

Rated Capacity
1,1 – 30 kW
Mixer Body Diameter500 – 3.000 mm
Rotation Speed15 – 52 rpm
Mixer Body MaterialSS 316
Shaft Length≤ 20 m
EX Zone Drive1 or 2
Sealing (EX)Water lock, special versions possible
Schweden Bodum Faulbehälter CYBERSLUDGE Rührwerk INVENT

Bodum, Sweden

Plant: WWTP Bodum ARF, Sweden
Contractor: ATEK Avvattningsteknik AB
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2017


  • Sludge Treatment (Mesophile Fermentation)

Scope of Delivery:

Milchindustrie CYBERSLUDGE INVENT Rührwerk Faulbehälter Estland

Estonia Dairy, Estonia

Plant: WWTP Estonia Dairy, Estonia
Contractor: R-Insenerid OÜ, Estonia
Type of Plant: Industrielles Abwasser – Milch Industrie
Start-up Year: 2022


  • Mixing for anaerobic degradation
  • Aeration for BOD/COD elimination in aerobic tanks

Scope of Delivery:

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    Products and Team

    The wide range of INVENT products fulfills all process- and plant dependent requirements for biological wastewater treatment reliably and energy efficient.

    Applications of the INVENT CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixer

    Sludge digestion / mixing in digesters

    Optimum process control in digesters depends on the quality and correct mixing, circulation and homogenization of the sludge. In addition, high demands are placed on structural safety and explosion-proof design (ATEX).

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