Oxygen Transfer Testing

Sauerstoffzufuhrmessung INVENT Leistungsverhalten Belüfter

INVENT Oxygen Transfer Testing

Aerator performance

Our many years of experience in carrying out oxygen supply measurements to determine the standard oxygen supply rate (SOTR) in accordance with international guidelines is something we are eager to impart to you. In Erlangen, we have a fully equipped test facility with blower station and a tank with a diameter of 10 m and a maximum filling height of 8 m available for “shop tests”.

Field measurements require individual planning and are offered on a customer and plant-specific basis. With the online aeration analyzer Alphameter it is possible to determine the actual oxygen uptake rate (OUR or OVR), the oxygen transfer rate (αSOTR value) and the oxygen transfer efficiency (αOTE) under process conditions at any time using real-time exhaust air analysis data, evaluating the condition of the aeration system and to develop strategies to optimize the aeration.

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