The INVENT CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator was specifically developed and optimized to ensure an energy-efficient generation of a horizontal flow in the recirculation basin for biological wastewater treatment.

Product Information

As compared to conventional flow generators, the overall fluidic concept applied here is revolutionary.
It generates up to 30 percent improvement in the level of efficiency.
This is possible as a result of a holistic optimization approach.
It consists of:

  • The INVENT Power Trim Technology: Aligning the flow direction
  • “Anti-vortex” trailing fin
  • “High performance” propeller
  • Energy efficient submersible motor drive
  • Fluid-mechanically optimized base frame

INVENT has taken a deep dive into these issues, once again creating an exceptionally energy-efficient product for biological wastewater treatment.

Rated Capacity
1,1 – 4,0 kW
Efficiency Class
Propeller Diameter2.000, 2.500 mm
Rotation Speed24-39 rpm
Propeller MaterialGlass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Foot ConstructionStainless Steel
Total Weight420 – 480 kg

Galt, USA

Plant: WWTP Galt, California, USA
Contractor: West Yost Associates, USA
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2015

  • Suspension and homogenization in a sludge digester
  • Flow acceleration in an aerated carousel basin

Scope of Delivery:

Heidenfeld, Germany

Plant: WWTP Heidenfeld, Germany
Contractor: Stulz-Planaqua GmbH
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2012

  • (Flow-) Acceleration and homogenization
  • (Mixing) in an anoxic/aerobic ring basin

Scope of Delivery:

Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Plant: WWTP Kazanlak, Bulgaria
Contractor: Environment Commerce CZ
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2013

  • Mixing and aeration for BOD elimination
  • Nitrification/Denitrification

Scope of Delivery:

Geminis Zibatá, Mexico

Plant: WWTP Geminis Zibatá, Mexico
Type of Plant: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2016

  • Flow acceleration and homogenization in an anoxic/aerobic circulation basin
  • Suspension & homogenization for denitrification in anoxic basins
  • Aeration for BOD elimination and nitrification
  • Sludge aeration

Scope of Delivery:

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    In our videos we introduce the INVENT mixing technology

    HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer evolution 7

    With the current version of the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer evolution 7, the seventh, completely revised and revolutionary improved version of the classic hyperboloid agitator is now available.

    Products and Team

    The wide range of INVENT products fulfills all process- and plant dependent requirements for biological wastewater treatment reliably and energy efficient.

    Applications of the INVENT CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator

    Flow acceleration in circulation basins

    The CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator was specially developed and optimized for the energy-efficient generation of a horizontal flow in circulation basins. Compared to conventional flow generators, a revolutionary flow-mechanical overall concept is used here. Depending on the application, this leads to increases in efficiency of up to 30 percent.

    Combination with aeration system

    The interaction of flow accelerator and aeration system is decisive for an optimal process control. INVENT not only supplies the required products iTURBO®-Blower, CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator and E-FLEX®-Aeration System  or iDISC®-Membrane Diffuser, but also supports you with a perfect design that is specially adapted to your process.

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