THINK Fluid Dynamix®

THINK Fluid Dynamix®

THINK Fluid Dynamix®

THINK Fluid Dynamix is a division of INVENT-Umwelt und Verfahrenstechnik AG specialized in computer-based simulation of flows and hydraulic processes in processing, water and wastewater treatment plants.

We are a team of experts from different fields: Process engineering, chemistry, biology, hydraulics, water, wastewater technology and computation. Together we offer support in the design, optimization and modernization of hydraulic systems and components.

Typical applications for computational fluid mechanics are analysis and optimization of:

  • Mixed and/or aerated basins
  • Sedimentation basins: Grit traps, primary/subsequent clarifiers, etc.
  • Pipework and flumes
  • Various inlet/outlet situations
  • Pressure drops and water levels
  • Dynamic change of flows
  • Various hydraulic engineering installations
  • Hydraulic components such as valves, injectors, etc.

Our fluid mechanics analyses provide you with deep insights into the process engineering functioning of your plant and thus a deeper understanding of its design and execution. At the same time, the investment and operating costs of the project can be reduced.

Let us contribute to your success!

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