TEX-FLEX®-Aeration System

The INVENT TEX-FLEX®-Aeration System with its extremely durable textile membrane specifically for the use in deep basins, as well as for media in which conventional membrane materials are not suitable.

Product Information

The TEX-FLEX®-Aeration System was especially developed for use in problematic wastewater. It consists of one or more aerator grids connected to the main supply line at the basin edge via a common pipeline.

The combination of a rugged stainless steel body enveloped by a highly resistant textile membrane makes the system perfectly suited for use in deep pools, as well as wastewater contaminated with oil, grease, acids and solvents.

Conventional rubber membranes are typically subject to natural aging and wear. The textile membrane, which is highly resistant to chemicals and heat, provides a reliable alternative.

The system delivers efficient oxygen supply and excellent mixing in the biological stage with minimal pressure drop.

It is low maintenance, quick and easy to install, and can also be produced as a lift-out version. This means that it can be lifted in and out even when the basin is full.

Amout of Air
1 – 25 Nm³/h
Membrane Material
Polyester Fabric
Material Support Tube 1.4301
Material Air Distributor1.4301
Diameter Pipe60,3 mm
Dimensions Air Diffuser100 x 100 mm
Aktive Membrane Length990 mm
Bubble Diameter3 – 5 mm
Pressure Drop5 – 20 mbar

Brasschaat, Belgium

Plant: WWTP Brasschaat, Belgium
Contractor: Aquafin, Belgium
Type of Plant: Municipa Wastewater Treatment Plant
Start-up Year: 2005

  • Aeration of sludge tank for nitrification

Scope of Delivery:

Tønsberg, Norway

Plant: WWTP Exxon Mobile Slagen Refinery, Norway
Contractor: ATEK Avvattningsteknik AB
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Refinery Industry
Start-up Year: 2014

  • Aeration for TOC/COD-Removal and Nitrification

Scope of Delivery:

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Fiskeby, Sweden

Plant: WWTP Fiskeby, Sweden
Contractor: ATEK Avvattningsteknik AB
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Start-up Year: 2010

  • Aeration for BOD elimination

Scope of Delivery:

Östrand, Sweden

Plant: WWTP SCA Östrand, Sweden
Contractor: ATEK Avvattningsteknik AB
Type of Plant: Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Pulp and Paper Industry
Start-up Year: 2003

  • Aeration in excess sludge tanks

Scope of Delivery:

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    Products and Team

    The wide range of INVENT products fulfills all process- and plant dependent requirements for biological wastewater treatment reliably and energy efficient.

    Aeration Systems for Modern Wastewater Treatment

    Applications of the INVENT TEX-FLEX®-Aeration System

    BOD or COD degradation

    Highly efficient supply of oxygen to the microorganisms for BOD and nitrogen elimination.

    The agitation and gassing system acts as a permanent aeration system for biological carbon degradation in aeration tanks. We can react flexibly to fluctuations in freight. The simultaneous circulation by the agitator ensures a homogeneous and deposit-free mixing even with low air supply in the activated sludge tank.

    Aeration in very deep basins

    Large water depths limit the area of ​​application of many membrane ventilation systems due to high air temperatures.

    Aeration in sludge applications

    The iCBA system is the optimal, energy-efficient choice for stabilization operation or to avoid odors in thickened sludge.

    Aeration in basins with problematic wastewater

    When the use of conventional diaphragm materials is not possible due to the properties of the medium.

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