INVENT Press Release

Since 2014, quality INVENT products have provided reliable aeration of highly sensitive waste water in a petroleum refinery south of Oslo.

If our systems could talk, they’d have a lot to say. They’d tell how reliably and uncomplainingly they have performed their duties day in and day out in all seasons of the year.

Just look at Norway! On the western shore of the Oslo fjord — more specifically in Slagentangen, near the town of Tønsberg, energy conglomerate ExxonMobil has operated a large refinery for North Sea petroleum since 1961. About 6 million tons of oil are processed here every year.

Naturally, an operation like this has its own sewage treatment plant. In 2014, the operators had an outstanding idea — for purifying waste water, they ordered a TEX-FLEX®-Aeration System consisting of 15 liftable modules, each with 12 aeration elements.

A liftable TEX-FLEX®-Module consists of a TEX-FLEX® aeration grid, complete with bracket and steel beam. The grid is made of pre-assembled rust-free premium stainless steel tubes, whose openings are equipped with fine-meshed membranes of insensitive textile fibers. Robust hoses feed the air in.

The 15 modules were installed in a ring-shaped waste water tank with an external diameter of 22.5 m and an internal diameter of 12.5 m. The tank’s capacity is about 1,575 cubic meters. The aeration is needed for chemical processes that treat organic compounds in the waste water, which arise from oil processing.

For almost eight years, the operators have been satisfied with their maintenance-free INVENT aeration system, and so are we!