INVENT Pressemeldung

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG is going to present two product novelties in the field of mixing at IFAT and confirms once again it’s position as the worldwide market leader in mixing systems.

The INVENT CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixer is a mixing system that features a fluid mechanically optimized design and was designed for the mixing of the waste sludge in the digester. The design of the mixer relies on an explosion-proof drive train, which drives a solid stainless steel shaft with single or multiple INVENT CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixing Elements. The mixing element was developed especially for the harsh environment in waste sludge with high solids concentration and viscosities. It features a fluid mechanically optimized 3-balded-design. The shape, inclination, camber, and the winglets are composed in such a way that a sufficient level of shear forces, a high pumping rating at low energy consumptions, and a jet-type flow pattern without the use of a draft tube could reliably be met. As a result, the INVENT CYBERSLUDGE®-Mixer features a robust and performative design for mixing, circulation, and homogenization of the waste sludge in the digester.

The INVENT iBC-MIX®-Tote Tank Mixer is designed for the continuous operation in steel caged IBC1, tote, or pallet tanks and liquids of different composition, viscosity, and rheology. It consists of an AC drive unit, a docking traverse, the shaft and an impeller of application depended design. The INVENT iBC-MIX®-Tote Tank Mixer has a wide range of applications. It can be used, for instance, for the continuous mixing of chemicals, flocculants, coagulants or limestone. Other applications are the mixing of paint or the suspension of ingredients in the food and beverage industry. Put simply, the INVENT iBC-MIX®-Tote Tank Mixer is an easy solution for container mixing.