Sponsoring Schwimmsport Erlangen INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik

Promotion of swimming team in Erlangen

INVENT sponsors the swimming sport in Erlangen and is committed to mass and top-level sport. Thanks to the support association, young people can be given targeted support, subsidized training camps and regulated training operations.

More than 1000 young people in Erlangen practice swimming with enthusiasm, diligence, perseverance and a lot of joy. The support association Erlangen supports these young people. Highly qualified trainers and good training conditions arouse the joy of movement in the water and pave the way for competitive sports up to the German and international top.

Young people and of course the topic of water have been very important to INVENT for 25 years. For this reason, we support the association for the promotion of swimming in Erlangen.