Iberospec INVENT Sales Partner


Interview partner Pedro Morate and Agustin Fuentes, Iberospec Environmental Technologies, Spain

Question 1: Is IFAT more than an exhibition?
Pedro Morate: Yes, of course, it is a technological and social event!
Agustin Fuentes: IFAT is the European benchmark in the water sector and a meeting point for all of us, customers, manufacturers or distributors.

Question 2: Please tell us about your best, funniest, most moving IFAT trade fair moment in the past
Pedro Morate: Definitively the beer evenings at Munich are great! It is a pleasure to go around and have dinner with our represented companies, such as INVENT. They really make great events (in and out of the fair).
Agustin Fuentes: Without a doubt, the dinners and parties that are celebrated on fair days. They do not disappoint, every year there is something to remember.

Question 3: What do you expect from IFAT 2022?
Pedro Morate: I expect to see a lot of people and friends from many parts of the world that I have not met since many years ago because of the Covid-19. Of course, I will also do some technology research.
Agustin Fuentes: Spending time again with colleagues from the different companies we represent and learning about the latest developments in the sector.

Question 4: Why are you taking part in person at IFAT?
Pedro Morate: The state-of-the-art technology is here and I am personally interested in knowing what is going on in the market. We are always looking for new products and companies to represent in Iberospec and this is the right place to find them.
Agustin Fuentes: Because it is totally necessary to renew contact after all these years almost locked up at home.

Live from the Sales Partner Seminar at the INVENT Headquarter, Erlangen, Germany – Day 1