Dordrecht INVENT HYPERCLASSIC municipal

Hyperboloid mixers in Dordrecht

The wastewater treatment plant in Dordrecht, Netherlands, relies on INVENT’s hyperboloid technology. Back in 2005, 22 HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers were installed at the municipal wastewater treatment plant. After 16 years of successful operation, they were replaced by even more energy-efficient mixers of the 7th generation in 2021. This is not an exception: A large number of wastewater treatment plants that INVENT has equipped since the mid-1990s follow the example of the wwtp Dordrecht and continue to rely on the Hyperboloid-Mixers.

Thanks to their low energy consumption and high reliability, INVENT and the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer became well-known among Dutch water association 25 years ago. Since then, more than 700 of the unique hyperboloid mixers have been delivered throughout the Netherlands for the mixing of municipal wastewater. Until today, the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer is the most widespread vertical mixer.