New mixing systems replace tried-and-tested ones – and save energy and costs

The operators of the municipal wastewater treatment plant in the Dutch city of Emmen commissioned INVENT to replace the 17-year-old HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers with the latest generation models.

The Netherlands have to cope with some demanding tasks in the field of municipal wastewater treatment. The high population of the comparatively small country, the intensive agricultural use and the associated water consumption make wastewater treatment there a supreme discipline. It is gratifying to note that the Netherlands has a very dense network of wastewater treatment plants to which almost 100% of households are connected. This requires outstanding quality and great reliability of the installed products and is reflected in the use of INVENT technology in many Dutch wastewater treatment plants.

One example is the municipal plant in Emmen, a town with more than 50,000 inhabitants in the northwest of the country. Already since 2006, seven HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers have been reliably performing their duties in the activated sludge tanks here. Thanks to the unique hyperboloid-shaped mixers, the wastewater is mixed evenly and efficiently.

The systems could easily be used for years to come, but intensive research and development work has enabled the technology to be further improved in the meantime. The HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer Evolution 7 has a fluidically optimized mixer body that requires less energy than older models and consequently operates more cost-effectively.

The latest version of the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer provides customers with a revolutionary improved version of the classic hyperboloid mixer – as usual, corrosion- and maintenance-free. For this reason, the operators in Emmen have decided to replace six of the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers with models of the latest version. Competitors’ mixers are also being replaced, as the plant operators would prefer to rely on the quality of the original from INVENT in the future. This measure has already enabled the Emmen wastewater treatment plant to save 25% of its energy consumption.

Emmen is not an isolated case, but just one of several plants that are converting to HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers Evolution 7 because of their higher energy efficiency. Other examples can be found in Dordrecht and Hellevoetsluis in the province of Zuid-Holland. The Dordrecht wastewater treatment plant was even able to save a remarkable 58% of its energy consumption thanks to the replacing former models with the latest version of the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer, while the Hellevoetsluis wastewater treatment plant was able to save 23%.

Meanwhile, the INVENT research department is working on the continuous further development of the mixers and is certain that Evolution 7 will not be the last HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer version.

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