INVENT B2run Team Nuremberg

Successful participation of INVENT at B2Run 2023 in Nuremberg

On July 27, 2023, INVENT participated with great enthusiasm in this year’s B2Run in Nuremberg. Despite the rainy weather, all runners were highly motivated and happily reached the finish line.

The B2Run, which attracts many companies and their employees to the running track every year, took place in Nuremberg once again. The event, offering not only a sporting challenge but also a fantastic team-building opportunity, was met with great interest by the INVENT team.

The weather forecast didn’t promise anything good for the event day, with dark clouds and showers predicted. However, this did not deter the enthusiastic runners from INVENT. On the contrary, the rainy weather turned out to be ideal for running, as the cool temperatures provided pleasant conditions on the track.

The B2Run in Nuremberg ended as a resounding success for INVENT and will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time. We are already looking forward to the upcoming events as part of the INVENT health campaign.

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