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INVENT Team B2Run Nuremberg

INVENT ‘s Participation in B2Run 2023

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INVENT B2run Team Nuremberg

Successful participation of INVENT at B2Run 2023 in Nuremberg

On July 27, 2023, INVENT participated with great enthusiasm in this year’s B2Run in Nuremberg. Despite the rainy weather, all runners were highly motivated and happily reached the finish line.

The B2Run, which attracts many companies and their employees to the running track every year, took place in Nuremberg once again. The event, offering not only a sporting challenge but also a fantastic team-building opportunity, was met with great interest by the INVENT team.

The weather forecast didn’t promise anything good for the event day, with dark clouds and showers predicted. However, this did not deter the enthusiastic runners from INVENT. On the contrary, the rainy weather turned out to be ideal for running, as the cool temperatures provided pleasant conditions on the track.

The B2Run in Nuremberg ended as a resounding success for INVENT and will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time. We are already looking forward to the upcoming events as part of the INVENT health campaign.

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Winter fun in Bad Gastein, Austria

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Skiing and other fun in Austria

Every year, INVENT organizes a winter trip for all interested employees over a long weekend in January. Bad Gastein in the Salzburger Land, Austria,  has been a proven and popular excursion destination for many years.

This year’s excursion was a complete success: A total of 45 participants from INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG, the American subsidiary INVENT Environmental Technologies, Inc. and other sales partner companies were there. The skiers and tobogganists had a lot of fun on the slopes with the well-timed fresh snow. They also went cross-country skiing, visited the Alpentherme, went on winter hikes and much more. We enjoyed our culinary delights in our proven favorite restaurant, the Bertahof in Bad Hofgastein. For the collegial cohesion, the trip was a complete success.

We are already looking forward to the INVENT winter exit 2024!

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Free fruit for everyone

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Eating healthy made easy

Right next to the coffee machine – which, in addition to all sorts of coffee specialties, can also conjure up tea or cocoa – there is always a bowl of fresh fruit at INVENT headquaters in Erlangen, Germany. Employees are welcome to take it for free. With the company offering fresh fruit, we make it easier for everyone to eat a healthy and balanced diet at work.

For many years, Ökoring, an organic wholesaler based in Germany, has been supplying us with around 12,000 organic items from the areas of fruit, vegetables, dairy products and many other beautiful things. Eating healthy can be so easy!

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Keynote speech digital detox

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Ready for switch off!

In recent years, the topics of mindfulness and work-life balance have become increasingly important. With the INVENT health campaign, we want to help reduce the stress and strain on our employees and create space for rest and relaxation. That’s why we dealt with the topic “Digital Detox” as part of a keynote speech.

The word “detox” is often heard in connection with nutrition. By avoiding certain foods and drinks, the body should be detoxified and freed from harmful substances. Digital detox can be understood as a counter-movement to constant availability. This “digital detoxification” aims to reduce stress and focus on the essentials – both at work and in private life.

Together with stress prevention trainer Kevin Kockot, we talked about constant availability and its consequences, the impact of digital media on our brain, the benefits of digital detoxification for health and quality of life, and mindfulness. After the lecture, we were able to consciously organize our evenings differently and put the strategies for dealing with smartphones and digital media into practice.

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Nutrition coaching at INVENT

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We prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner

With the INVENT health campaign, we want to increase the health awareness of our employees and improve their health. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Together with qualified ecotrophologist, mindfulness trainer and certified nutritionist Antje Bartnes, we were able to prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner, discover new recipes and – in the subsequent keynote speech – learn a lot of new things about healthy nutrition in the evening. One or the other nutritional myth around the topic of dinner was debunked and no question remained unanswered.

When cooking, the focus was on regional, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. All dishes should be varied, easy and quick to cook. In small teams we prepared a savoy cabbage and apple slaw, spicy lentil stew with ginger, a beetroot cashew mousse, hummus and oven-roasted vegetables, as well as vegan coconut macaroons and a blueberry quark. We ended the evening with a meal together and interesting conversations.

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Petra from 4activity gets us in shape!

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Weekly functional office training

Hard but sincere! That’s how you could describe “our” personal trainer Petra, because as likeable and kind as she is, she is as tough as nails in training. Petra from 4activity has been working with us on our fitness and health for three years now. In the weekly training sessions, she really makes us sweat and ensures that we stay fit. Petra reacts very flexibly to the training requests of the participants, so her training sessions contain units of classic back gymnastics, fascia training or DeepWork as standard. Every now and then she also mixes up the program with HIIT, functional training or TaeBo units. Training for runners of all kinds is also part of her repertoire. You never know what the training session will entail, which has already given us many a sore muscle. We look forward to a new training session with our Petra every week!

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Runners brave the heat

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INVENT at the company run 2022

INVENT runners cannot be stopped! Yesterday they defied the hot temperatures of 35° degrees Celsius and ran the nearly 6 km of the B2Run in Nuremberg at their fastest personal pace. They were in good company: around 10,000 participants from 440 companies ran together. The varied route led along the beautiful dozen pond to the finish line in the Max Morlock Stadium. Afterwards, the INVENT team enjoyed a cool drink in the shade. Well deserved!

INVENT Erlangen Lauf Krebs

Run against cancer 2017 in Erlangen

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INVENT health campaign

As in previous years, the INVENT employees took part in the “Lauf gegen Krebs 2017” (Run against Cancer) in Erlangen and did their laps in the beautiful autumn weather. The laps run are summed up as a monetary donation and benefit research projects and educational measures on questions of nutrition and sport as well as sports and exercise therapy programs for cancer patients.

Our 5 runners were able to record a total of 50 laps. INVENT supports this commitment with an additional donation to the association Ernährung und Sport bei Krebs e.V.

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INVENT takes off at the B2RUN in Nuremberg

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INVENT health campaign

The INVENT health campaign prepared the runners well for the B2Run company run on July 25, 2017 in Nuremberg. The employees started with a lot of team spirit. Even the bad weather couldn’t spoil the mood and the route around the dozen pond was mastered in a playful way. Luckily, after 6.4 km, everyone reached the longed-for goal. Congratulations to our runners – a great achievement.

The race is not always to the swift but to those who keep on running!

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