Ready for switch off!

In recent years, the topics of mindfulness and work-life balance have become increasingly important. With the INVENT health campaign, we want to help reduce the stress and strain on our employees and create space for rest and relaxation. That’s why we dealt with the topic “Digital Detox” as part of a keynote speech.

The word “detox” is often heard in connection with nutrition. By avoiding certain foods and drinks, the body should be detoxified and freed from harmful substances. Digital detox can be understood as a counter-movement to constant availability. This “digital detoxification” aims to reduce stress and focus on the essentials – both at work and in private life.

Together with stress prevention trainer Kevin Kockot, we talked about constant availability and its consequences, the impact of digital media on our brain, the benefits of digital detoxification for health and quality of life, and mindfulness. After the lecture, we were able to consciously organize our evenings differently and put the strategies for dealing with smartphones and digital media into practice.

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