Aerobic treatment for pulp and paper industry

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Energy-efficient and proven: Mixing and aeration system for aerobic treatment in the paper industry

INVENT uses the example of a large manufacturer of paper and cardboard products for the pulp and paper industry to show why they are the ideal solution for wastewater treatment in this industry.

Some industries are plagued by particularly high energy and water consumption and therefore aim to reduce both sustainably. This is particularly true for the pulp and paper industry. Water treatment plays an essential role here, with INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG providing the best suited products.

An excellent example of the practical use of INVENT technology in paper wastewater can be found in the north of Germany, more precisely in Varel in the district of Friesland. The Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (paper mill), located on the outskirts of the small town, employs around 600 people on its site. It is not only a major regional employer but also one of the largest production sites in the German pulp and paper industry with a production capacity of around 925,000 tonnes.

The mill has a proud history stretching back 84 years. It mainly produces classic raw materials for the packaging industry and has been progressively modernized and expanded over the decades. As early as 1976, the company was one of the first paper mills in Germany to install a biological wastewater treatment plant. As part of the company’s growth, the plant was expanded to a two-step treatment plant in 1994.

The next expansions – in which INVENT technology came into action for the first time – took place from 2012 through 2014. HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration Systems were installed in stainless steel cages for aerobic wastewater treatment. One advantage of this cage solution is that it can be removed for installation and maintenance and put back in place, even in a filled tank.

The HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System uniquely combines the characteristics of a mixer with those of an aerator, offering very flexible areas of operation and application. Firstly, it provides sufficient oxygen to the activated sludge during the aerobic process to break down the organic load. Secondly, the aeration tank is mixed homogeneously so that both the heavy activated sludge and small particles are kept in suspension.

Due to the energy-efficient operation, high quality and durability of the components the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System has made a name for itself as the industry standard in the aerobic treatment of paper wastewater in recent decades.

When the operators of the Papier-und Kartonfabrik Varel decided to invest 280 million euros in the production site in 2019, this also entailed a significant expansion of the wastewater treatment plant – and thus an order over another 13 of the trusted HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration Systems with a cage from Erlangen, Germany.

HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Keynote speech digital detox

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Ready for switch off!

In recent years, the topics of mindfulness and work-life balance have become increasingly important. With the INVENT health campaign, we want to help reduce the stress and strain on our employees and create space for rest and relaxation. That’s why we dealt with the topic „Digital Detox“ as part of a keynote speech.

The word „detox“ is often heard in connection with nutrition. By avoiding certain foods and drinks, the body should be detoxified and freed from harmful substances. Digital detox can be understood as a counter-movement to constant availability. This „digital detoxification“ aims to reduce stress and focus on the essentials – both at work and in private life.

Together with stress prevention trainer Kevin Kockot, we talked about constant availability and its consequences, the impact of digital media on our brain, the benefits of digital detoxification for health and quality of life, and mindfulness. After the lecture, we were able to consciously organize our evenings differently and put the strategies for dealing with smartphones and digital media into practice.

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Dual study program in technical purchasing

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For the first time, INVENT is looking for dual students for technical purchasing from the 2023/24 winter semester

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG is an innovative company in the field of environmental technology with its headquarters in Erlangen-Eltersdorf, Germany, and branches in the USA, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Italy. As a dynamically growing company, we are one of the market leaders in the continuously growing market for water and wastewater treatment. The range of services includes a portfolio of high-performance, high-quality products and services such as mixers, mixing and aeration systems, water filters, flow simulation and engineering.

For the winter semester 2023/24, we are now looking for dual students for the subjects Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.) and International Business Studies (B.Eng.) in cooperation with the Technical University of Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm.

These programm are designed for a standard period of study of seven semesters and combines theoretical university knowledge with practical phases in our innovative company. The focus is on the operational and strategic purchasing of services, raw materials and components for projects in international mechanical and plant engineering.

Water needs responsibility – help shape the future now and discover our career opportunities below! Please note, that the job descriptions are currently in German only. For more information in English, please contact

Dual study program International Business and Technology (B. Eng.)Dual study program Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.)

Providing clean water in Qatar

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HYPERCLASSIC® systems provide clean water in Qatar

While star athletes are running on the soccer fields of Qatar, things are also running smoothly at the country’s largest wastewater treatment – thanks to the reliable hyperboloid mixing and aeration systems from INVENT.

The desert is alive! Wherever animals and people settle in the driest regions of our planet, water plays a vital role. The fact that some countries experience an economic boom despite the desert climate comes down to other causes, such as natural resources like oil and gas.

The resources that bubble up each day make dreams come true, build ultramodern cities with trading centers and tourism infrastructure, and even create living spaces in the desert for millions of people. Now more than ever, Qatar is in the public eye as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The capital of Doha and the neighboring city of Al Rayyān in particular is right now playing host to sports-loving businesspeople, media representatives, and private individuals from all over the world. More than one-third of the 2.8 million inhabitants of the desert state live in the city of Doha. Residents and guests need food and in particular water for drinking and domestic use. This is a challenge in the dry, hot climate of the Persian Gulf, and every drop of freshwater is precious.

The city planners are prepared for this. The vast majority of the freshwater is sourced from seawater desalination plants. This is then pumped into the water circulation system and used for human consumption or agriculture. The water and wastewater treatment plants are indispensable parts of this system in this and other modern cities.

The largest in the country is currently the Doha West wastewater treatment plant. Since it was put into operation in 2009, the plant has been expanded several times and is now able to treat an average of 280,000 cubic meters of water each day. Slightly more than 50 percent of the treated wastewater is used for agriculture and around 40 percent is used to water green spaces in the city. The rest is fed into the ground to raise the groundwater level.

To ensure that the plant works smoothly, the client chose technology from Germany – from INVENT, to be precise. No fewer than 48 HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration Systems and 24 HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixers reliably perform their duties in various tanks at the plant each day.

In this way, INVENT technology is contributing to Doha not only being a modern city, but also a green one in which residents and guests can enjoy spending time outdoors and where thriving agriculture is possible nearby. Once the World Cup is over and the next large event is being planned, the HYPERCLASSIC® systems will continue to turn—the final whistle won’t be blown on them any time soon.

Young people are our future

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Young people are our future

INVENT supports the “Jugendwerkstatt” (youth workshop) of the Diakonie Erlangen this year. Disadvantaged or individually handicapped, unemployed young adults are trained here as carpenters and woodworking specialists. In the youth workshop they receive the support they need for their lives. A qualified team of instructors and teachers provides this unique, intensive support.

With great commitment and passion we at INVENT work daily on the purification and treatment of water and wastewater and would like to use our donation to enable young people to find their way into the working world.

INVENT wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

Nutrition coaching at INVENT

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We prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner

With the INVENT health campaign, we want to increase the health awareness of our employees and improve their health. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Together with qualified ecotrophologist, mindfulness trainer and certified nutritionist Antje Bartnes, we were able to prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner, discover new recipes and – in the subsequent keynote speech – learn a lot of new things about healthy nutrition in the evening. One or the other nutritional myth around the topic of dinner was debunked and no question remained unanswered.

When cooking, the focus was on regional, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. All dishes should be varied, easy and quick to cook. In small teams we prepared a savoy cabbage and apple slaw, spicy lentil stew with ginger, a beetroot cashew mousse, hummus and oven-roasted vegetables, as well as vegan coconut macaroons and a blueberry quark. We ended the evening with a meal together and interesting conversations.

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Petra from 4activity gets us in shape!

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Weekly functional office training

Hard but sincere! That’s how you could describe „our“ personal trainer Petra, because as likeable and kind as she is, she is as tough as nails in training. Petra from 4activity has been working with us on our fitness and health for three years now. In the weekly training sessions, she really makes us sweat and ensures that we stay fit. Petra reacts very flexibly to the training requests of the participants, so her training sessions contain units of classic back gymnastics, fascia training or DeepWork as standard. Every now and then she also mixes up the program with HIIT, functional training or TaeBo units. Training for runners of all kinds is also part of her repertoire. You never know what the training session will entail, which has already given us many a sore muscle. We look forward to a new training session with our Petra every week!

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Overview Aeration Systems

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Aeration Systems for Modern Wastewater Treatment

INVENT offers a broad portfolio of aeration products for all versions of the activated sludge process. Adding an innovative control system, the ALPHAMETER®, and the iTURBO®-highspeed turbo blower enables to implement high-efficiency complete systems. In our new brochure “Aeration Systems for modern wastewater treatment” we give you an overview of this holistic approach. Download the brochure now!

Read Brochure Now

Delegation from Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar

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Delegation visits INVENT

The international department of the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) has been conducting training and business initiation trips with emerging countries on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs for many years. INVENT is involved in these activities and welcomed a delegation of water and wastewater specialists from Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar to the company headquarters in Erlangen-Eltersdorf on July 21, 2022. This was preceded by a WEBINAR in October 2021, also organized by the bbw and held by INVENT, for representatives of the Kenyan water and wastewater industry.

The participants listened with interest to the explanations given by Mrs. Andrea Köhler, sales representative, and were able to get a ‚up close‘ impression of the wide range of INVENT products in the field of water and wastewater treatment during the subsequent tour of the laboratories, production halls and outdoor facilities.

We would like to thank our guests for their visit!

Runners brave the heat

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INVENT at the company run 2022

INVENT runners cannot be stopped! Yesterday they defied the hot temperatures of 35° degrees Celsius and ran the nearly 6 km of the B2Run in Nuremberg at their fastest personal pace. They were in good company: around 10,000 participants from 440 companies ran together. The varied route led along the beautiful dozen pond to the finish line in the Max Morlock Stadium. Afterwards, the INVENT team enjoyed a cool drink in the shade. Well deserved!