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HYPERCLASSIC Mixer Aerator Balen

Chemical and petrochemical industry

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Efficient solutions for demanding requirements

Our customized mixers and aeration systems are specifically designed to revolutionize wastewater treatment in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They are able to meet the demanding requirements of these industries by enabling individual pre-treatment of wastewater. Depending on the production process, they can effectively treat corrosive, abrasive, greasy or oily components.

By optimizing your processes, our products help to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment and make it easier to deal with the many challenges involved. Visit our applications page to learn more about how our innovative solutions can revolutionize wastewater treatment in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Our solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry

INVENT Middle East (FZE)

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Your partner in the Middle East

INVENT Middle East (FZE) is our subsidiary office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the goal of expanding the INVENT product and service portfolio to the Middle Eastern market. The company was established in 2011 and is very successful. This is not only due to the INVENT products, but above all to our regional team of highly qualified and experienced experts who ensure a smooth process for all inquiries and projects.

Get to know INVENT Middle East (FZE) on our landing page!

Learn more about our portfolio and team, explore impressive reference projects in the region and get in touch with us directly.

INVENT Middle East (FZE)

Joint Venture between Jash and INVENT

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INVENT and Jash forge strategic joint venture in India

In 2023, INVENT Umwelt‐ und Verfahrenstechnik AG has joined forces with Jash Engineering Ltd. to establish a joint venture. This strategic collaboration aims to combine their respective strengths and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to the water industry in India.

As international technology provider, INVENT specializes in water and wastewater treatment systems with a track record of innovative products and deep process knowledge, dedicated to advancing application of high-performance treatment solutions.

Jash is a globally recognized leader in water control gates and various equipment for transport, pumping and water treatment, offering a wide range of in-house manufacturing capabilities across multiple sites, committed to excellence in the wastewater, seawater transport, conveyance, and treatment sectors.

While INVENT has seen substantial growth in various global markets, India remained unexplored. The joint venture seizes this opportunity, strategically positioning INVENT for incremental growth in a market forecasted to expand its water and wastewater treatment market from approximately USD 1.5 billion in 2023 to over USD 2.3 billion by 2028, growing annually by over 9%. This expansion is driven by government initiatives and an increasing need for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The partnership aims to deliver high-quality, advanced, and competitive water treatment solutions and services to the Indian market. By leveraging local manufacturing and service capabilities, INVENT and Jash are set to offer system solutions that address the unique challenges of the Indian market.

This venture is a testament to both companies’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It underscores a shared vision for a future where access to clean water is bolstered through cutting-edge technology and superior service.

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INVENT HYPERMIX Mixer Drinking Water

Protect water tanks from ice

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Winter is coming! Are your water tanks safe from ice?

Are your water storage tanks struggling with ice build up during the winter months? A solution could be adding a HYPERMIX®-Agitator.

When ice forms, serious challenges occur compromising operations and water distribution which can lead to damage and potential costly repairs. The HYPERMIX®-Agitator eliminates stratification and increases circulation, water temperatures are maintained and ice formation is mitigated.

Contact us now to explore how this solution can work for you!

INVENT in the pulp and paper industry

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Efficient solutions for major challenges

The pulp and paper industry faces significant challenges due to its high water consumption and complex wastewater characteristics. With over 25 years of experience, INVENT leads the pulp and paper wastewater treatment industry with its innovative solutions, optimizing water usage and overcoming technical difficulties.

Discover how our customized mixer and aeration systems are designed to enhance your processes and effectively address high calcium concentrations, elevated temperatures, and abrasive substances.

Our solutions for the pulp and paper industry

iTURBO®-Blower’s New Video

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iTURBO®-Blower sets new standards in energy efficiency

During WEFTEC 2023, INVENT released a new product video showcasing the iTURBO®-Blower, emphasizing its advantages over other blowers.

Aeration and mixing system blowers account for up to 70 % of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy consumption. INVENT has taken a deep dive into the question of how to enhance the overall efficiency of aeration systems. It was discovered that even the most modern turbo blowers offer significant potential for optimizations.

The iTURBO®-Blower by INVENT is the result of this research approach and sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency and performance. Thanks to this innovation, water and wastewater treatment plants can significantly reduce their energy consumption and, as a result, operational costs.

INVENT remains committed to its mission of increasing efficiency in water treatment and reducing costs for operators.

Watch the video now!

Drinking Water Treatment

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Innovative mixer for clean drinking water

Ensuring a consistently safe water supply is of crucial importance. During the storage of drinking water, any form of recontamination as well as biological or chemical contamination must be avoided. Layers with different temperatures can form in the storage tanks, with minimal exchange occurring between them. This can lead to the growth of algae, post-contamination, and uncontrolled chemical concentration.

However, these risks can be avoided with the novel INVENT HYPERMIX®-Agitator. It is based on the proven and efficient hyperboloid mixer design and has now been developed and optimized for use in drinking water storage tanks.

INVENTs solutions for drinking water treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment

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Solutions for municipal wastewater treatment

The requirements for municipal wastewater treatment vary depending on the respective process stages. INVENT offers a diverse range of products for this purpose. In the anaerobic and anoxic tanks, hyperboloid mixers make an important contribution to complete nitrogen elimination. They are used in drinking water treatment to enable precipitation and flocculation.

INVENT aeration systems are also active in municipal wastewater treatment plants and are used to ensure oxygen supply or mixing in grit chambers, activated sludge basins, and sludge treatment. With innovative products and system solutions from INVENT, a safe and efficient treatment of municipal wastewater can be achieved.

Learn more about our solutions for municipal wastewater treatment


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INVENT Sales Partner IBEROSPEC at SMAGUA 2023, logo trade show, Spain

The next edition of SMAGUA will be held from 7 – 9 March in Feria de Zaragoza, Spain. The latest equipment and technologies applied to the water cycle will be showcased at the international water and environment exhibition.

INVENT’s sales partner IBEROSPEC will exhibit at its booth no. 035 hall 3 and looks forward to your visit.

The prestige of SMAGUA, one of the most important exhibitions in Europe, attracts professionals from all over the world who find a wide showcase with the latest equipment and technologies applied to the water cycle. The event, with more than 45 years of existence, has become the essential meeting point for the sector thanks to its clearly innovative position, the quality of its technical conferences and the numerous presentations of products, equipment and technological solutions.

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Dual study program in technical purchasing

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For the first time, INVENT is looking for dual students for technical purchasing from the 2023/24 winter semester

INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG is an innovative company in the field of environmental technology with its headquarters in Erlangen-Eltersdorf, Germany, and branches in the USA, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Italy. As a dynamically growing company, we are one of the market leaders in the continuously growing market for water and wastewater treatment. The range of services includes a portfolio of high-performance, high-quality products and services such as mixers, mixing and aeration systems, water filters, flow simulation and engineering.

For the winter semester 2023/24, we are now looking for dual students for the subjects Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.) and International Business Studies (B.Eng.) in cooperation with the Technical University of Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm.

These programm are designed for a standard period of study of seven semesters and combines theoretical university knowledge with practical phases in our innovative company. The focus is on the operational and strategic purchasing of services, raw materials and components for projects in international mechanical and plant engineering.

Water needs responsibility – help shape the future now and discover our career opportunities below! Please note, that the job descriptions are currently in German only. For more information in English, please contact

Dual study program International Business and Technology (B. Eng.)Dual study program Betriebswirtschaft (B.A.)