INVENT and Jash forge strategic joint venture in India

In 2023, INVENT Umwelt‐ und Verfahrenstechnik AG has joined forces with Jash Engineering Ltd. to establish a joint venture. This strategic collaboration aims to combine their respective strengths and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to the water industry in India.

As international technology provider, INVENT specializes in water and wastewater treatment systems with a track record of innovative products and deep process knowledge, dedicated to advancing application of high-performance treatment solutions.

Jash is a globally recognized leader in water control gates and various equipment for transport, pumping and water treatment, offering a wide range of in-house manufacturing capabilities across multiple sites, committed to excellence in the wastewater, seawater transport, conveyance, and treatment sectors.

While INVENT has seen substantial growth in various global markets, India remained unexplored. The joint venture seizes this opportunity, strategically positioning INVENT for incremental growth in a market forecasted to expand its water and wastewater treatment market from approximately USD 1.5 billion in 2023 to over USD 2.3 billion by 2028, growing annually by over 9%. This expansion is driven by government initiatives and an increasing need for municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The partnership aims to deliver high-quality, advanced, and competitive water treatment solutions and services to the Indian market. By leveraging local manufacturing and service capabilities, INVENT and Jash are set to offer system solutions that address the unique challenges of the Indian market.

This venture is a testament to both companies’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. It underscores a shared vision for a future where access to clean water is bolstered through cutting-edge technology and superior service.

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