iTURBO®-Blower sets new standards in energy efficiency

During WEFTEC 2023, INVENT released a new product video showcasing the iTURBO®-Blower, emphasizing its advantages over other blowers.

Aeration and mixing system blowers account for up to 70 % of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy consumption. INVENT has taken a deep dive into the question of how to enhance the overall efficiency of aeration systems. It was discovered that even the most modern turbo blowers offer significant potential for optimizations.

The iTURBO®-Blower by INVENT is the result of this research approach and sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency and performance. Thanks to this innovation, water and wastewater treatment plants can significantly reduce their energy consumption and, as a result, operational costs.

INVENT remains committed to its mission of increasing efficiency in water treatment and reducing costs for operators.

Watch the video now!