We prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner

With the INVENT health campaign, we want to increase the health awareness of our employees and improve their health. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Together with qualified ecotrophologist, mindfulness trainer and certified nutritionist Antje Bartnes, we were able to prepare a healthy and sustainable dinner, discover new recipes and – in the subsequent keynote speech – learn a lot of new things about healthy nutrition in the evening. One or the other nutritional myth around the topic of dinner was debunked and no question remained unanswered.

When cooking, the focus was on regional, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. All dishes should be varied, easy and quick to cook. In small teams we prepared a savoy cabbage and apple slaw, spicy lentil stew with ginger, a beetroot cashew mousse, hummus and oven-roasted vegetables, as well as vegan coconut macaroons and a blueberry quark. We ended the evening with a meal together and interesting conversations.

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