German Industrial Park equipped with three INVENT HYPERDIVE®-Mixers

In order to optimally treat the industrial wastewater of the Weinheim Industrial Park in Germany, INVENT’s mixers and experience were used. Three HYPERDIVE®-Mixers were able to be installed and put into operation.

Approximately 50 companies have settled in the Weinheim Industrial Park near Mannheim, Germany, in an area of more than 800,000 m². Nearly 6,500 employees go in and out every day. Of course, wastewater is also produced in a corresponding scale, which is biologically treated in the mixing and equalization basin belonging to the park.

For treatment, it is necessary to swirl up sludge near the bottom of  the basin and move it into a flow. To accomplish this, the HYPERDIVE®-Mixers from INVENT were chosen. These are submersible drive mixer systems that can be very easily integrated into already filled systems and do not require any bridge construction.

Functionality of the HYPERDIVE®-Mixer

The HYPERDIVE®-Mixer is a vertical mixer with a hyperboloid mixer body installed close to the ground and a submerged drive in a cage design. Due to its hyperboloid shape, it generates a strong radial bottom flow and thus keeps particles in suspension. It also ensures complete mixing of the feed flows. It is therefore  the optimum mixer for all suspending and homogenization tasks required for water and wastewater treatment, especially in very deep basins.

The tripod base is made of solid coated steel, making it sufficiently heavy to hold the HYPERDIVE®-Mixer firmly in place during operation and at rest. It holds the submersible drive and leads the electric cable past the mixer body. A stainless steel lifting cable is attached to the top of the frame and allows the entire unit to be easily lifted in and out. The drive shaft and hub connection of the HYPERDIVE®-Mixer are also made of high-quality stainless steel, making them highly resistant to corrosion.

The hyperboloid mixer body is connected to the lower end of the shaft via a shaft/hub connection. This enables easy and quick installation as well as easy detachment even after many years of operation. In operation , the connection is safely protected against spontaneous detachment. Due to the optimized shape and the transport ribs seamlessly integrated into the mixer body, the entire hyperboloid mixer is not only particularly efficient and streamlined, but also absolutely non-clogging.

The Weinheim Industrial Park has made the right choice

Those responsible for the Weinheim Industrial Park decided on HYPERDIVE®-Mixers and thus made the right choice. The submerged mixers were installed and put into operation within a very short time in 2022. Since they are made exclusively of high-quality materials and are virtually maintenance-free, wastewater treatment will hardly be on the industrial park’s agenda in the next few years.

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