Belgian trade fair for water technology and treatment

The AQUARAMA trade fair will take place in Brabanthal Leuven on October 19, 2023. The AQUARAMA is the Belgian trade fair for water technology and water treatment. In addition to the interesting exhibitors, the fair also offers various lectures on current topics from the water industry.

We invite you to visit us at our booth no. 39 … and get to know a variety of our products!

Experience our HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixer in its original size and witness its effectiveness on a smaller scale. We will also showcase a variety of our aeration systems. Additionally, we will provide a demonstration of our HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System using a model, allowing you to understand its operation. These products prove INVENT’s dedication and passion in providing solutions for countless industrial and municipal installations within the Belgian wastewater market.