Wastewater Treatment for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

INVENT develops, produces and distributes innovative mechanical equipment, process technology and plants for the treatment of water and wastewater. The company became well known through the development and market introduction of energy-saving and multitasking hyperboloid mixers as well as mixing and aeration systems for wastewater treatment.

INVENT offers a wide range of efficient stirring and mixing solutions for almost every application in the water, wastewater and processing industry. In the field of aeration technology the scope of products includes a variety of membrane aeration systems for biological wastewater treatment which have been developed and optimized for different applications. These are distinguishable by their functional principle, construction and material, so that an optimal solution can be offered for almost all industrial and municipal requirements. The layout and design of an optimum mixing and/or aeration system is a very complex task. It requires a large amount of competence, know-how and experience. In the case of industrial plants e.g. in the oil, chemical or petrochemical industry, it is most important to understand the production process to a certain degree because this significantly influences the wastewater composition.

An INVENT system solution comprises, depending on the customer’s requirements, the plant design, basic and detailed engineering, project management, delivery of the mechanical components, installation of the plant and the training of plant personnel. The mechanical components, such as mixers, aeration systems, filter, pumps, blowers, fittings and instrumentation, control and automation systems, are carefully selected for an INVENT system solution and coordinated with each other. INVENT takes responsibility for the entire scope of the delivery. This approach reduces the number of interfaces and potential sources of failure.

The recently launched INVENT Granular Sludge Reactor (iGSR®) is the first system that fully exploits the potential of granular activated sludge also for large plants: Reduced process times, higher purification performance with a reduced footprint, low energy consumption and reduced life cycle costs, at the same time delivering high reliability. Its modular concept can be adapted to any plant size. Its design offers a higher level of process stability for hydraulic peaks and load fluctuations than any other system. The iGSR® is already in operation in various plants worldwide, with more facilities currently under construction.

INVENT’s engineering and consulting services range from fluid mechanical optimization of hydraulic structures or processes (Think Fluid Dynamix®) to solving chemical engineering problems, flow simulations using CFD or simulations of entire wastewater treatment plants. These tasks are supported by laboratory research, if necessary.

We offer turnkey solutions for your water project in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry!

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