Meet INVENT Environmental Technologies in Idaho

With the Idaho Rural Water Association (IRWA) Spring Conference just around the corner, INVENT Environmental Technologies Inc. is gearing up to exhibit alongside our valued sales representative, Goble Sampson. We are looking forward to welcoming you and exchanging ideas from April 3rd to 5th at The Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho.

Additionally, Jackie Lauer from INVENT Environmental Technologies, Inc. will be presenting an exciting topic:

Title: Hyperboloid Flocculators for Retrofits and Optimization

The presentation will cover the hyperboloid flocculator design concentrating on mixing efficiency that provides process control and flexibility in both urban and rural utilities. The presentation also reviews retrofits and case studies for where the hyperboloid technology provides process optimization and cost savings.

Date and time of the presentation: April 3, 03:15 – 04:15 pm in Room 4 (TBD)

Discover our sales partner in Idaho