INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, it’s Lea Diehl (Technical Sales) and Marcel Huijboom (Director Sales USA/Western Europe)’s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourselves and your roles at INVENT?

Lea Diehl: I joined INVENT in 2015 and have been working in Technical Sales for 9 years. I manage our customers in the BeNeLux countries, France, and the United Kingdom, and I am responsible for our Key Account SUEZ in China. I have also specialized in the design and technology of our iTURBO®-Blower and support our team in all matters relating to this product.

Marcel Huijboom: I have been working with Hyperboloid Mixers since 1997 and with INVENT since 2001 – so I have a long history with our products. Over the last 20 years, I have traveled a lot to start up several new markets and established business in many new areas. While finding new business partners, I am proud that we continue to work with many of these partners, who have slowly become friends as well.

Why do you believe an exhibition is so important?

Lea Diehl: It’s a privilege to represent a renowned company with a longstanding reputation through an impressive booth. Therefore, many existing customers, who are interested in new products or those who are not yet familiar with, visit us. Their first-hand feedback on installed machines is always exciting. Additionally, by exhibiting original machines and functional exhibition models, we also have the opportunity to vividly explain technical details, discuss comparisons with other products, or address critical questions.

Marcel Huijboom: The way we approach IFAT comes close to “celebrating business” with our partners coming in from all over the world, this is a joy to be part of. Also we have the luxury to work for INVENT, which means that at every IFAT, we get to experience updates such as the introduction of new products, new versions of existing products, or video premieres.

Please let us know if there’s a question that you frequently hear from visitors.

Lea Diehl: “The entire mixer is made of plastic?!” My response: “Sure, why not?!”

Marcel Huijboom: Best question always is, “I already use your equipment and I love it. We want to expand and get more of it. What is the delivery time?” This really happens a lot!

What can one discover at the INVENT booth that cannot be seen anywhere else?

Lea Diehl: We’ve showcased our complete range of products. This enables us to provide a complete overview of our portfolio: which products complement each other, which ones are suited best for specific applications, the engineering behind every INVENT product…

Marcel Huijboom: The best and most impressive exhibit is the full-scale HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System in a Cage construction. It always leaves a lasting impression on customers.