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Water and wastewater specialists in the spotlight

From May 13th to 17th, 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for water, wastewater, waste, and raw materials management will once again take place at the exhibition grounds in Munich. As a long-standing exhibitor, INVENT Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik AG is looking forward to engaging in lively exchanges with many interested visitors.

The central aspects for an efficient water cycle remain energy efficiency, resource management, and environmental protection. For almost three decades, INVENT has been offering economical and high-performance systems and components for the water and wastewater industry. INVENT is dedicated to developing their portfolio by increasing energy efficiency and innovating solutions for challenges that were . By working toward a more efficient water cycle strategy, the company makes a significant contribution to water and wastewater treatment.

Focus 1: Efficiency in Circulation Basins

INVENT presents the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator which revolutionizes flow in circulation basins through its energy-efficient horizontal flow, achieved by an innovative fluid-mechanical concept. With up to 30% greater efficiency than conventional flow accelerators and a holistic, energy-efficient design, it sets new standards. On May 13th at 2:00 PM, the video premiere of the new CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator product video will be presented at the INVENT booth in Hall A2, Stand No. 327/426.

Focus 2: Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) Process

Since the early 1990s, the company has been involved in the innovative technology of the SBR process. INVENT offers a unique equipment package consisting of advanced mixing and aeration systems, decanters, and blowers which are perfectly designed for SBR systems and seamlessly integrable into plant processes. Customers benefit from the experience and expertise of the wastewater specialists by being able to acquire the design and engineering packages with the SBR components. These integrated packages, iSBR® and iGSR® (INVENT Granular Sludge Reactor), offer installation supervision, commissioning, and training. Applications range from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment to deammonification and granular sludge processes. With this new innovative interpretation of the SBR process, INVENT offers maximum process efficiency.

Focus 3: Highspeed for Clean Water

INVENT presents its enhanced iTURBO®-Blower. This high-tech unit allows fine-tuned aeration to the specific requirements of each wastewater treatment plant. This ensures the energy consumption and operating range is optimized for the individual process. The result is a dedicated machine operating at peak performance tailored for every application. The iTURBO®-Blower exemplifies INVENT’s research and development. By analyzing existing challenges, scientifically processing fluid-mechanical processes, and conceiving optimized technology, INVENT sets itself apart from others.

IFAT 2024

Visitors can observe the quality and effectiveness of INVENT’s complete product range; from leading mixing technology and aeration systems to advanced solid-liquid separation, in Hall A2 at booth number 327/426. Additionally, the company offers detailed information and opportunities to discuss sophisticated system solutions, engineering, and consulting. INVENT‘s market leadership and success are proven by over 10,000 mixer installations and tens of thousands of aerator installations worldwide. Guided by the principle ‘Water Needs Responsibility,’ the company remains committed to its ambitious strategy.

More about IFAT 2024 here!
IFAT Interview cyperflow INVENT

Interview with Anke Eisemann

By IFAT 2024
Interview IFAR employee cyberflow

INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, it’s Anke Eisemann (Head of Marketing)’s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your role at INVENT?

Before joining INVENT, I gained experience as a customer consultant in advertising agencies. This background prepared me well for my role in marketing at INVENT, where our operations are global and the tasks are diverse. As part of the marketing team, we handle various responsibilities, including organizing our participation in major trade shows like IFAT or WEFTEC in the USA, supporting our sales department and our partners, managing all advertising measures, and developing online and offline marketing strategies. We also act as the first contact for the trade press and maintain our websites and webshops. But above all, our biggest challenge is to maintain a comprehensive overview of everything!

What was your favourite moment at IFAT?

By chance, my first day at INVENT coincided with the IFAT, so INVENT and the IFAT have become inseparable in my mind. I was thrown into the full “exhibition experience” right from the start and met all my colleagues and sales partners at once. It was a memorable first day of work.

Isn’t a trade fair an incredible effort – even for you? Please tell us why it is still worth it.

Attending a trade show is an opportunity to establish real connections and make lasting impressions. It’s a chance to showcase products and services in a real-world setting and interact directly with interested individuals. That effort is worth it long term.

Will there be new innovations from INVENT to see this year?

Sometimes, innovation isn’t necessary to share something exciting. We’re spotlighting one of our trusted products, the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator. This machine has been in the market for a few years and now, it will finally receive the attention it deserves with a unique video, and a modernized product presentation. We’ll debut the video at our IFAT trade fair booth. The premiere on Monday, May 13th at 2 p.m. will be an exciting moment which I don’t want to miss.

Ifat 2024 Interview invent

Interview with Fabian Popp and Walter Steidl

By IFAT 2024
Interview INVENT Hyperclassic IFAT

INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, Fabian Popp (Technical Sales) and Walter Steidl (Head of Technical Sales)’s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourselves and your roles at INVENT?

Fabian Popp: I’ve been working as a sales engineer at INVENT for five years, mainly looking after customers in Scandinavia and the Balkans. My preferred areas of expertise are MBBRs and lagoon applications.

Walter Steidl: I have been working at INVENT for over 25 years and have therefore been to IFAT countless times. I have been head of the Technical Sales department, which is responsible for preparing quotations, for over 10 years. Since my beginnings at INVENT, I have been the contact person for all questions relating to mixing tasks.

Walter, why do you believe an exhibition is so important?

Walter Steidl: I think exhibitions like IFAT offer everyone in the industry the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about innovations. In addition to exhibiting new products, the focus is on exchanging ideas with existing and potential customers and sales partners. But it’s also always a kind of community that meets every two years to discuss water-related topics.

Fabian, why do you prefer an exhibition over the office?

Fabian Popp: Because you can interact directly with customers and understand their needs. At the trade fair, you can also see the latest trends and developments in the industry up close. The exhibition also has a lively atmosphere that boosts my creativity and motivation.

“Why are you asking me so much, all I need is a mixer…” – Please tell us what’s actually behind it.

Walter Steidl: That is simply our philosophy, to take a holistic approach to a task. We don’t just want to sell any product, but the one that best suits the customer’s requirements. To do this, we have to understand the entire process and weigh it up accordingly – always in dialog with the customer. Naturally, we have to ask a lot of questions in order to understand everything down to the last detail.

Fabian Popp: Our core competence lies in accepting and overcoming challenges. We deal intensively with every inquiry and strive to understand the process thoroughly. We select products that meet the highest standards for each specific case.

What are your favorite products at the INVENT booth and why?

Fabian Popp: Definitely the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System in a cage construction. It offers numerous advantages; it can be lifted out of a tank, has a large operating range and offers effective aeration performance with low wear. In addition, it can be equipped with various options to efficiently clean even highly contaminated wastewater.

Walter Steidl: My favorite product is also the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System in a cage construction. It simply has a few features that can only be found in this system. Our exhibit is on display in its original size and as a functional model. This gives us the opportunity to clearly explain the functionality to potential customers.


CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator at IFAT

By IFAT 2024

Revolutionary energy efficiency: CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator optimizes racetrack basins

The CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator is a revolutionary advancement over conventional flow generators. It has been specially developed and optimized for the most energy efficient generation of horizontal flows in applications such as biological wastewater circulation in donut, racetrack or carrousel type basins. Extensive research and development have led to efficiency improvements of up to 30% over traditional flow generators, regardless of the application.

In recirculation applications, horizontal flow generators for racetrack basins move the wastewater horizontally in a circuit and at the same time prevent sedimentation of activated sludge flocs. The CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator is the first horizontal mixer for racetrack basins which has been consistently designed and optimized based on fluid mechanical considerations. In this context, the interaction of the flow with the entire machine was considered. This approach focuses on optimizing all aspects for the design and application Including installation location and position, flow direction, upstream and downstream flow and design of the base construction. In addition to the propeller design, these items play an important role in the overall level of efficiency of a horizontal flow generator.

Flow direction

Conventional flow generators possess a direction of flow where the upstream flow is on the drive side. As a result, a turbulent and swirled flow hits the propeller and consequently results in high efficiency losses for the entire unit.

The high-performance propeller of the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator is hit by a completly undisturbed upstream flow, thereby achieving much higher flow speeds with less energy input than conventional flow generators because efficiency losses due to disturbed upstream flows are avoided completely.

Vortex-free downstream flow

The integral fluid mechanical design of the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator incorporates a so called “anti-vortex” base frame design which streamlines the flow and takes out the vortex induced by the propeller movement. This effect is supported by the additional “anti-vortex” fin on the back of the power train resulting in energy recovery by converting radial and tangential velocity components into actual axial flow.

With this intelligent design, it is possible for the first time to recover energy which is otherwise lost into energy dissipation. This design feature makes a considerable difference and severely contributes to the high energy efficiency of the entire machine.

INVENT Power Trim Technology®

More efficient than the indeed horizontally pump of conventional flow accelerators is to angle the drive shaft slightly so that the flow is aligned slightly upwards. This can greatly reduce friction – and therefore prevent energy-losses at the bottom of the tank. We call this alignment of the flow, which we chose depending on the application at hand, “INVENT Power Trim Technology®“ and this design optimization alone improves efficiency by up to 10 %.

Fluid-mechanically optimized base frame

In the design of the base frame, the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator eliminates the use of standard rectangular tubes with unnecessarily high cw-values completely. Only rigid sheet metal structures with a small cross-section, minimized surface and small cw-values are used. This made it possible to create the base frame with the most streamlined design in the market.

Propeller design

The specific shape of the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator propeller design was developed and optimized in the INVENT flow laboratories in Erlangen, Germany using state-of-research facilities, measuring technology and simulation methods specifically for use in activated sludge basins in wastewater treatment. This resulted in a smooth and efficient propeller geometry.

A further aim was to find a robust, durable, light and flexible, structural mechanical design. The result was a propeller structure made of glass- and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic in a sandwich design which can be used even in the most heavyduty municipal and industrial applications.

In result, the INVENT propeller design is superior to all conventional propeller designs in the market, irrespective of the number of blades used in the comparison propellers. INVENT uses an especially well-balanced two- and four-blade design.

Fluid mechanical laboratory

INVENT maintains a fully equipped fluid mechanical laboratory, pilot scale plants, and large scale test facilities at its headquarters in Erlangen in Germany. This enables INVENT to carry out all research and development work in-house with its own team of fluid mechanical specialists.

The CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator introduces a revolutionary overall concept, leading to efficiency improvements of up to 30%, depending on the individual case. After twelve successful years in the market, the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator takes center stage at IFAT 2024 with an exclusive product video. The premiere of the brand-new video will take place on Monday, May 13th at 2 p.m. at the INVENT booth 327/426 in Hall A2. Come by and watch the video!”

IFAT 2024

Interview with Lea Diehl and Marcel Huijboom

By IFAT 2024

INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, it’s Lea Diehl (Technical Sales) and Marcel Huijboom (Director Sales USA/Western Europe)’s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourselves and your roles at INVENT?

Lea Diehl: I joined INVENT in 2015 and have been working in Technical Sales for 9 years. I manage our customers in the BeNeLux countries, France, and the United Kingdom, and I am responsible for our Key Account SUEZ in China. I have also specialized in the design and technology of our iTURBO®-Blower and support our team in all matters relating to this product.

Marcel Huijboom: I have been working with Hyperboloid Mixers since 1997 and with INVENT since 2001 – so I have a long history with our products. Over the last 20 years, I have traveled a lot to start up several new markets and established business in many new areas. While finding new business partners, I am proud that we continue to work with many of these partners, who have slowly become friends as well.

Why do you believe an exhibition is so important?

Lea Diehl: It’s a privilege to represent a renowned company with a longstanding reputation through an impressive booth. Therefore, many existing customers, who are interested in new products or those who are not yet familiar with, visit us. Their first-hand feedback on installed machines is always exciting. Additionally, by exhibiting original machines and functional exhibition models, we also have the opportunity to vividly explain technical details, discuss comparisons with other products, or address critical questions.

Marcel Huijboom: The way we approach IFAT comes close to “celebrating business” with our partners coming in from all over the world, this is a joy to be part of. Also we have the luxury to work for INVENT, which means that at every IFAT, we get to experience updates such as the introduction of new products, new versions of existing products, or video premieres.

Please let us know if there’s a question that you frequently hear from visitors.

Lea Diehl: “The entire mixer is made of plastic?!” My response: “Sure, why not?!”

Marcel Huijboom: Best question always is, “I already use your equipment and I love it. We want to expand and get more of it. What is the delivery time?” This really happens a lot!

What can one discover at the INVENT booth that cannot be seen anywhere else?

Lea Diehl: We’ve showcased our complete range of products. This enables us to provide a complete overview of our portfolio: which products complement each other, which ones are suited best for specific applications, the engineering behind every INVENT product…

Marcel Huijboom: The best and most impressive exhibit is the full-scale HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System in a Cage construction. It always leaves a lasting impression on customers.


INVENT at IFAT! – A throwback

By IFAT 2024

INVENT's Booth Evolution at IFAT Munich: A Journey of Growth Since 1999

Since our debut at the IFAT exhibition in Munich back in 1999, a lot has changed. Just like our products, our booth has also continuously evolved. From a modest footprint at a joint booth in 1999, to our first standalone booth featuring our HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System at full scale in 2002, and up to a very impressive booth for us in 2005, our booth has steadily grown significantly in size and sophistication.

Today, visitors to our INVENT booth at IFAT are greeted by a spacious and impressive display that highlights the latest advancements in water and wastewater treatment. The highlights are impressive large-scale models and working small-scale models to demonstrate the functionalities of each exhibit.

Feel free to witness the evolution of the INVENT booth (Hall A2 | No. 327/426) firsthand and join us at this year’s IFAT!


INVENT iTURBO®-Blower at IFAT 2024

By IFAT 2024

High speed for clean water

Integral with any submerged aeration system is a pressurised supply air source to compress air for release below the water surface. The new INVENT iTURBO®-Blower has been designed specifically for this application.

INVENT has designed an advanced turbo blower and implemented state of the art manufacturing techniques that allow  blowers to be customised to the unique requirements of any wastewater treatment plant. This ensures the energy consumption and operating range is optimized for the specific process. The result is a dedicated machine operating at peak performance tailored for every application.

The iTURBO®-Blower is a radial compressor in either single or two stage configurations. The compressor is direct driven by a high-speed permanent magnet motor.

INVENT iTURBO®-Blowers are different! With over ten years of development and operating experience the iTURBO®-Blower incorporates “rigid” cartridge style air cushion bearings, not foils. The result is a dependable bearing without the complexity of active electronic control. The turbo impellers are optimized for the pressure and flow range required by any aeration system. Modelled with computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis in addition to test tuning to achieve peak efficiency.

Motor cooling is accomplished with a proprietary “2 pass” pressurised system for maximum heat transfer. As the system is independent of the process air, the blower can be used in extreme environments where ambient temperatures exceed 50° C.

The iTURBO®-Blower is an integrated blower package, using Siemens or Rockwell Industrial PLC controllers and HMI panels. All measurement sensors required for the safe and reliable operation of the blower are included within the package. The blower constantly monitors air flow, pressure, and temperatures within the package. A communications connection to the blower allows all operating and diagnostic information such as power consumption, speed, and operating hours to be transferred to the plant SCADA or DCS systems.

The acoustic enclosure is robust and durable. INVENT have standardised on heavy section zinc anneal sheeting powered coated with 100um heat hardened surface protection. Fasteners, fixings, and hinges on the blower enclosure are SS 316 stainless steel, the reason, to ensure all components have maximum life expectancy as the working environments are usually very harsh.

The iTURBO®-Blowers are available in a range from 22kW to 400kW, discharge pressure capability to 150 kPa.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience technology up close and be impressed by the powerful performance of the iTURBO®-Blower! Visit our booth at this year´s IFAT in Munich,  booth number 327/426 in Hall A2, to experience the innovative iTURBO®-Blower firsthand.


Interview with Jürgen Khaled Wolf

By IFAT 2024

INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Jürgen Khaled Wolf from Technical Sales kicks it off.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your role at INVENT?

I have been working as a Sales Engineer for INVENT for just over seven years and am responsible for sales in Spain, Portugal, India, and the Middle East. Additionally, for about a year, I have been intensively involved in designing INVENT iSBR®/iGSR® processes.

What’s your secret tip for starting conversations with visitors?

In many cases, just by observing visitors’ direction of interest, we can perceive which products or product groups have caught their attention. With a little attention, we can address the topic that is relevant to our visitor and start a conversation.

“Why are you asking me so many questions? I just need a mixer…” – Could you tell us what’s actually behind this statement?

At INVENT, our philosophy is to fully understand our customers’ needs and processes in order to offer customized solutions that differ very much from a “One-Size-Fits-All” mentality. This requires a thorough analysis of the task and, naturally, asking questions to the customer. In return, we can provide our customers with technically sound and sustainable solutions in the long term.

Please tell us in three words why it’s definitely worth stopping by the INVENT booth.

Innovation, Expertise, Team Spirit


What are you looking forward to in May 2024?

By IFAT 2024

We are excited about IFAT 2024 and especially about your visit!

From May 13th to 17th, 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for the water and wastewater industry will open its doors, and INVENT will once again be present with an impressive booth!

Since the last IFAT, a lot has happened! Just like our most crucial element and the core of our daily work – water – we are also in constant evolution. We have successfully completed numerous national and international projects that we would love to discuss with you and are confident will inspire you!
The satisfaction of our customers, both in the municipal and industrial sectors, sets us and our products apart. We continuously work on optimizing them because one of our main goals is to make an already perfect product even better. This is not always easy, but by no means impossible.

The iTURBO®-Blower is the perfect example of our approach. Specifically crafted for submerged aeration systems, this blower features an advanced turbo design with customizable manufacturing. Operating as a reliable radial compressor, it boasts “rigid” cartridge-style air cushion bearings, ensuring simplicity and durability. The iTURBO®-Blower’s motor cooling utilizes a proprietary “2 pass” pressurized system for extreme environments exceeding 50°C. Integrated with Siemens or Rockwell controllers, it communicates operational data seamlessly. With a durable acoustic enclosure and available in a range from 22kW to 400kW, experience this cutting edge innovation at IFAT in Munich.

Visit our booth 327/426 in Hall A2 for a firsthand look at this powerful iTURBO®-Blower!
If you are interested in a guest ticket, please get in contact with us via this form. We would be delighted to arrange a meeting with you for a discussion at our booth.

We look forward to new contacts and old acquaintances, and of course, to your questions and projects!

P.S: Should you find yourself unable to attend IFAT this year, but maintain an interest in our products and services, please feel free contact us via this form. We would be delighted to establish contact with you!


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