Lecture Efficient Aerobic Wastewater Treatment – Green Stage IFAT

In water and wastewater treatment, several process steps are applied. In combination they merge to a complete plant. One distinguishes between physical, physical/chemical and biological processes. The biological stage represents the heart of the plant. Here carbon and nitrogen compounds are biologically decomposed. The basis for this process is the effective mixing and the efficent transfer of oxygen, so that the biologically active bacteria can work effectively.

The HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System was developed and optimized specifically for the tough application in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It provides efficient oxygen transfer and optimal mixing during the biological stage.

Learn more about the INVENT HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System! We invite you to the lecture by our expert Jackie Lauer, Regional Manager at INVENT Environmental Technologies, Inc., at IFAT 2024.

Tuesday, May, 14th, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Hall C4, Green Stage (C4.339/538)

Language: English

Learn more about the HYPERCLASSIC®-Mixing and Aeration System here!