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IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, it´s Christopher Nowak and Laura Marsing (Sales Team Germany)´s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourselves and your roles at INVENT?

Christopher Nowak: Since 2012, I’ve been part of the Technical Sales team. My responsibilities have been in technical sales and field service for the German market. I serve as the contact person for municipal facilities/associations, plant constructors, industrial plants and engineering offices.

Laura Marsing: I’ve been a sales engineer at INVENT for 4 years. Together with Christopher, I handle all customers in Germany and their various tasks and challenges. From the initial contact and inquiry to technical clarification, to providing the right offer and addressing commercial concerns, we assist the customers and work together to find solutions.

Christopher, what is your first association with IFAT that comes to mind?          

Christopher Nowak: A professional and personal adventure – you meet many familiar faces and make interesting new contacts. Every now and then this leads to surprising and amusing moments in personal conversations and accompanying events.

Laura, why do you believe an exhibition is so important?

Laura Marsing: I transitioned to the sales department right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, customer visits weren’t possible. It worked well temporarily, but it can never replace personal contact. Trade shows are important for getting in touch and exchanging ideas, whether it’s with existing or potential customers. They can see the products in a full scale and have the opportunity to ask the questions that are currently on their minds.

Which product do you like presenting to visitors at the INVENT booth the most?

Christopher Nowak: I think it is remarkable that every product from the INVENT portfolio is set up in life size at the exhibition stand. Every customer or interested party can inspect and explore the functions and details on-site. What I find most exciting is the opportunity to compare all membrane aeration systems (fine, medium, coarse bubble) both in dry mounted condition at the booth and in operation in our transparent exhibition basins filled with clean water. Bubble pattern, start-up and shut-down behavior, as well as an MBBR process, can’t be observed and tested live anywhere else.

Laura Marsing: I enjoy presenting our flow accelerator, the CYBERFLOW®. We designed this strictly based on fluid dynamics principles and optimized it with numerical simulations. As a result, we have developed a revolutionary, holistic concept. For an energy-efficient, reliable product, it’s not just the propeller design that plays a central role, but the entire product must be considered. Every component and detail contributes significantly to a fluid dynamically optimized overall product. I’m happy to explain these backgrounds with the exhibition piece.