Interview IFAT employee cyberflow

INVENT Stories from IFAT

IFAT is always an exciting challenge for INVENT – be it during preparation, realization, or on the days of the exhibition itself. Everyone at INVENT is enthusiastic to provide our visitors with a unique experience. In this interview series, INVENT employees share their own stories about IFAT. Today, it’s Anke Eisemann (Head of Marketing)’s turn.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your role at INVENT?

Before joining INVENT, I gained experience as a customer consultant in advertising agencies. This background prepared me well for my role in marketing at INVENT, where our operations are global and the tasks are diverse. As part of the marketing team, we handle various responsibilities, including organizing our participation in major trade shows like IFAT or WEFTEC in the USA, supporting our sales department and our partners, managing all advertising measures, and developing online and offline marketing strategies. We also act as the first contact for the trade press and maintain our websites and webshops. But above all, our biggest challenge is to maintain a comprehensive overview of everything!

What was your favourite moment at IFAT?

By chance, my first day at INVENT coincided with the IFAT, so INVENT and the IFAT have become inseparable in my mind. I was thrown into the full “exhibition experience” right from the start and met all my colleagues and sales partners at once. It was a memorable first day of work.

Isn’t a trade fair an incredible effort – even for you? Please tell us why it is still worth it.

Attending a trade show is an opportunity to establish real connections and make lasting impressions. It’s a chance to showcase products and services in a real-world setting and interact directly with interested individuals. That effort is worth it long term.

Will there be new innovations from INVENT to see this year?

Sometimes, innovation isn’t necessary to share something exciting. We’re spotlighting one of our trusted products, the CYBERFLOW®-Accelerator. This machine has been in the market for a few years and now, it will finally receive the attention it deserves with a unique video, and a modernized product presentation. We’ll debut the video at our IFAT trade fair booth. The premiere on Monday, May 13th at 2 p.m. will be an exciting moment which I don’t want to miss.